Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crummy market !

I think this market has been as crummy as i have seen in a while with no conviction to move either way.

Anyway with all the excitement that we saw today, my system never went to a buy. NDX remains on a daily sell. SPX which has been relatively stronger than NDX, which was close to making new highs coudn't generate a buy signal. Worse among the lot, DOW made new highs today and still remains on a daily momentum sell (I think this is as crazy as it gets). NQ might double top around 1752 area. But that's about it for that sucker. I don't think NDX will make new swing highs in this swing. Call me a skeptic. The odds favour some downside fireworks starting anytime here. The bottom pickers got their azz saved today - thanks to Fed obesssed programs !. All the technicals i watch, says down. If the markets trumps all those technicals, i won't fight it, but won't be obsessed with it either.

Monday, April 24, 2006

SPX sell signal at close today

As you might recall, i posted this a couple of days back.

Now if the DOW starts correcting here, it would push the SPX CCI below 100 and NDX will seem like a rejection from the 100 line. So the implication is that some sort of a short term correction will begin soon. If this scenario were to transpire, it won't be a plain garden variety ST correction. The reason being the daily MACD is already hovering near zero and if we were to get a continuation sell on the MACD, the MACD would dip below the zero line. Selloffs when the MACD is below the zero line are generally brutal.

The post market action seems to confirm my above anaysis.

My system issued a daily sell signal on SPX at close today. I am expecting a sharp selloff over the next few days. The NYSE MCO had a zero line reject today. This market has been pushing against internal divergences. The sentiment seems to be one of "Divergences don't matter anymore". I think the market is about to give a surprise to the bulls here.

Just one look at this tells all$NYAD

Good trading to all !