Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weekly Signals - 2/5/2009

Weekly trends

With that surge in dollar, all of those assets inversely correlated with dollar got stopped out. OIL was the last one to get stopped out this week. My system remains neutral on all these assets until the next buy signal gets generated (or a continuation sell as the case maybe).

Buy 12/24/2009 USO 38.20 stop 35.22 - Stopped out.

Dollar Index
Sell 1/15/2010 USD 77.36 stop 78.78 - Stopped out.

Buy 1/8/2010 GLD 111.37 stop 105.30 - Stopped out

10 year yields on a buy signal since 11/30
It's now in a retracement in an uptrend

Disclaimer: All signals are experimental and for entertainment purposes only.


SPX remains in an intermediate term sell. Given the speed at which it came close to the SPX 1030 pivot, there are two possibilities for this 9 month cycle bottom due in March. Either we are going substantially lower than SPX 1030 or we are going to see some volatile bottoming action beween the SPX 1030 - 1105 area over the next 3 weeks. I guess it all depends on how the debt situation in the third world countries of Europe pans out. Trade the volatility until a bottom is carved out. Good luck !