Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not a bear market a la 2000-2002

Back on Jan 19, i posted a LT chart of SPX showing the completion of a 5 wave impulse with a wave 5 extension. That completed the wave 1 of the impulse. That also said a wave 2 bear market was underway with a LT target of SPX 1160.

LT sell

The unfolding structure and the market dynamics at that time called for a quick drop to 1160. But the massive Fed intervention created a temporary bottom around 1250 and we rallied.

I said in that post

So we in a primary degree wave 2 bear trend at this stage, until proven otherwise. The implication is that the Oct 02 bottom was a cycle degree wave 4bottom, which should not be violated for decades to come.

Many bears are expecting a repeat of the 2000-2002 bear market and some expecting the Oct 2002 lows to be taken out. I have to respectfully disagree here on both the counts. 2000-2002 was a cycle degree collapse. Right now we are in a primary degree wave 2 bear trend. Big difference.

The last two of weeks of action has pretty much ruled out a 2000-2002 style collapse. Remember in bull markets the tops are complex and the bottoms are simple. It's the opposite in the bear market, when tops tend to be simple and bottoms are complex. Take a look at the weekly CCI during the entire 2000-2002 bear. As soon as the weekly CCI used to get overbought i.e move above 100, it used to result in a immediate collpase in prices. The weekly CCI never stayed above 100 for more than a week or two. That's a simple top and a classic weekly downtrend in progress from a momentum perspective. Right now we are dealing with a situation where the weekly CCI has been above 100 for the last 6 weeks. That's not a simple top, but a complex top on the CCI. In other words we have started uptrending from a momentum perspective. Although we have the 8 EMA still below the 34 EMA, momentum which leads price is saying we are uptrending on the weekly timeframe. That is not exactly what you would see in a full fledged bear market.

Now whether you call it a bull market correction or a bear market depends on one's definition. To me, it's not a bull market, until we have the weekly MACD above zero and bottoms above bottoms configuration on the weekly charts. So i continue to label it as a bear market.

Now the bull-bear dividing IT pivot comes around 1324. As long as SPX 1324 holds, the path of least resistance on the weekly chart will continue to be upward. For IT traders, long is the right trade. I was expecting a ST top on Friday, but it came on Monday. Now this ST decline will tell the story for the next 6-8 months. If we get a choppy sideways to down decline into SPX 1360-70 area and if daily gets oversold and turns back up around that area, then it's very bullish IT and we could move up to test the SPX 1500-20 area. For the bears to regain control, we need to break the IT pivot at 1324 - Period !. Now i keep asking myself, is there energy in the bear to do that ? Without putting my own bias in the front, i will let this ST decline give me clues.

Now does that mean the bear market ends if we hold the SPX 1360-70 area. A five year bull market is not going to end with a mere 6 month correction. Structurally, it does not make any sense from a e-wave perspective. That means SPX will not make new all time highs, but will do a deep retest of the 2007 highs. Bottomline, if 1360-70 area holds over the next few weeks, there's another 150+ points of potential SPX run to the upside. Bull or bear, i would not want to miss that.

Good luck.

Trade update

Closed my SKF position between 106 and 106.30 for about 5% profits. Still holding GLD long.