Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekly trends - 6/27/08


As i noted last week, with the break of 1324, the IT trend turned down and i had weekly support target at 1280-90. We tagged that support this week, but there is neither a divergent setup on daily or even the hourly charts for that matter. I told one of the posters on traders-talk, that it's unlikely we get a complex bottom, cuz if we do, we can forget the bear market for a while. The market's on a mission here, a mission to make new bear market lows. That's the reason it's been so persistenty declining and not making any divergent bottoms. Everyday it's the same story. Some silly bounce, the breadth looks good in the morning and gradually deteriorates into 2000+ decliners by mid-to-late day. That's strong instituitional liquidation going on.

The break of 1324 was a disaster for the bulls. Once the market enters a IT downtrend, the reversal ain't gonna happen easily. We need to see complex bottoming action. We need see some 90:10 volume days with a big breadth spike. The only thing that would bring that kind of a buying interest would be either another huge Fed intervention or a market crash of about 100-150 points from here, which would undoubtedly bring an army of bargain hunters. Otherwise, 20-30 point bounces on SPX aside, the IT downtrend should continue.

As for the support, 1380 weekly support has held so far. I am not expecting any big bounces here other than the 20-30 point variety which is again a short in my book. If i get any ST buy signals on the daily charts, i will post an update on this blog.

The Asian markets got slaughtered week, particularly the BSE. BSE dipped below the 14000 mark, closing at 13800. The montetary authorities have started tightening the screws hard, with India in a runaway inflation mode. My LT forecast for BSE, which i posted on this blog a few months back, has it's first support around 12300. I doubt that support will hold either in the LT.

Gold, Silver and Euro

Gold, Silver and Euro continues to remain in a weekly uptrend. Both Gold and Euro issued a continuation buy this week. But it was not confirmed by Silver. Until both Gold and Silver confirms, i am staying out of these markets.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly Trends - 6/20/08


Boy, was i wrong !

I made a call just a day before the May top and projected a target of SPX 1350-60. My targets were met, but got undershot. But the IT trend was up in my book as long as SPX 1324 held. Given that we held SPX 1324 last week and got a divergent buy setup (a 70% odds signal), i thought we had begun the next upleg towards SPX 1500 +/- 20 points. The market action this week clearly proved me wrong. Now that cancels my SPX 1500 +/- 20 points projection.

Now the next support of importance on the weekly charts comes around the 1280-90 area. The 1404 double top has a measured move to SPX 1300 on the daily charts. So it's safe to say we should bottom somewhere in the 1280-1300 region. A bottom here could happen by a basing action, with multiple retests in the 1300 area or a climactic drop into the 1280 area. Which one ? I have no clue. Whenever the next buy signal on my daily charts show up on my trading system, i will post here (right or wrong !).

Gold, Silver and Dollar

As i said last week, there are no easy trades in these markets, as the weekly charts are pretty much neutral i.e sideways action, with the weekly 34 EMA flattening. A trending move is about begin in these markets pretty soon, looking at the basing action in the Gold/Silver on the weekly charts and the rejection of the 34 ema on the Dollar index weekly charts. Essentially the inflation theme continues in these markets.

Inflation is running out of control in the asian bloc. Many countries now have official inflation numbers in double digits. Some of the countries like vietnam have inflaton running above 25%. India's official inflation numbers which were barely 6% a few months back now stand at 11%. Wow, nearly 100% increase in a few months. Gotta beleive these govt numbers. Now how does this play out. Will this enter a runaway inflation mode, furthering the commodity rally or will the central banks tighten real hard and cause a commodity collapse ? Who knows ? That's why i hate fundamentals. Sorry for digressing, but the inflation situation looks alarming !

No positions in any market, but looking to enter soon, based on confirmation.

Good trading !