Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly trends - 1/15/2010

Weekly trends

Buy 12/24/2009
USO 38.20 stop 35.22

Last week i said that OIL hitting the weekly bollinger band is usually a place where ST traders typically take profits. But the profit taking was stronger than what i expected. It's now in a retracement in an uptrend, but on a weekly buy nevertheless.

Dollar Index
Sell 1/15/2010
USD 77.36 stop 78.78

Dollar index issued a sell signal this week.

Buy 1/8/2010
GLD 111.37 stop 105.30

No change from last week.

10 year yields on a buy signal since 11/30
It's now in a retracement in an uptrend

Disclaimer: All signals are experimental and for entertainment purposes only.

SPX remains in a weekly and daily uptrend. The selloff after Intel earnings has put pressure on the hourly uptrend, but remains on a buy nevertheless. The SPX 1131 pivot continues to hold any selloffs. If the hourly flips into a sell, i will update here next week.