Tuesday, July 01, 2008

ST buy signal at the close

It was wild volatile action in the markets today, typical of a bottoming market. The market apparently did not go into a selling climax, which many have been anticipating for weeks now. Maybe too many are looking for the climax. Maybe the system is clogged with shorts. Who knows ? What really matters is price, breadth and volume. Today we had a divergent bottom on both NYSE breadth and Vol MCOs. My price momentum system on the hourly also issued a buy signal. These signals are good for anywhere between 20-60 SPX points.

Is this an IT bottom ?. Too premature to even think in that direction. But if we start seeing big volume and breadth spikes, then maybe we are on to something big. One baby step at a time...

P.S - Remember, the mother of all interventions by the Fed in March 2008. That was an engineered bottom and today's retest of that bottom is sort of vindication for those who beleive that in the long run, the markets are on their own and too big to be manipulated by the central banks or any other financial powerhouses.