Saturday, July 07, 2007

Use your Oscillators....

Use your Oscillators in a sideways market and the moving averages in a trending market. Anything else, you become the victim of whipsaws. How do you know you are in a sideways market ? I showed this chart to my 6-year old and he says it looks sideways On a serious note though, we aren't trending up until we see bottoms above bottoms on this chart. Right now all we have seen is bottoms below bottoms a.k.a SIDEWAYS-TO-DOWN market.

The last warning on complex bottom was here.

The 120-min buy signal from that day is still intact. But as you see on the charts, we are overbought and rolling over. Once that happens, we need a momentum break to go short. That's what i will be looking for next week.

Consider this a topping area, unless not leaving the last .25 percent is your forte Just kidding. I will start my shorting campaign next week.

A break above 6/20 swing high will start sowing the seeds of doubt in my heart