Tuesday, April 22, 2008

IT update

The ST uptrend from March 08 lows likely ended today. Both the NYSE breadth and Vol MCOs have hooked down. The Nasdaq breadth MCO has crossed below the zero line and turned the summation down. The daily momentum on SPX has also turned down. The wave pattern looks complete.

The last rally from 4/15 lows has the signature of a sucker rally. Look at the 10 day SMA of the adv-decl on NYSE. It severely diverged as we made new highs.

Will we go for another high with triple divergence ? Always possible, but i am not betting my money on it. Triple divergences on daily charts happen when the markets are in a strong primary uptrend like last summer. Now we are in a bear market. Be prepared for out of the blue declines.

Good luck

Sunday, April 20, 2008

IT update

In my last update on April 12, i called for an upside target of SPX 1400-1420. I was expecting that target to be tagged in about 2 weeks. But it all happened bloody fast, if you were a bear !. Too far...too fast. Again, feels good to be a technical analyst.

So far there are no technical indications of a top yet. I did get a VST sell at the close on Friday. So expect some weakness come Monday. I don't have any projections for the selloff yet. All big selloffs start with a VST sell. But all VST sells do not necessarily lead to big selloffs.

To call 4/18 as a top, a couple of things need to happen. Firstly the rising NYSE MCOs should hook down and price needs to break below SPX 1357. That selloff should be of a high velocity type. That would be an early indication of the top. Barring that i would still expect the higher end of my projected range which is 1420 to get tagged in the coming days.

Bottomline, hourly is on a sell. Play for what it's worth. Daily uptrend remains intact for now. No need to overanalyze here.