Monday, March 24, 2008

IT update - The mother of all interventions !

I am not a fundamental analyst, nor do i beleive fundamental analysis has any value in market timing. But some interesting fundamental events have transpired over the last couple of months - 75 bps emergency but, 50 bps regular meeting cut, 200 billion TSLF facility, another 75 bps regular meeting cut, Bear stern bailout....

And the grand effect - we are still below the Short term DTL (downtrend line). That's some potent intervention, eh ? How many cuts did we require to launch the 1998rally ? Something to ponder.

Ok, now back to TA. The most important technical event as of last weeks close was the Weekly CCI moved back above -100. Usually that's a good indicator of a multi-week rally to occur. The last time it occurred was on 11/30/07, which resulted in a 1.5 weeks of rally before failure. Let's see how long this one lasts.

From a daily chart perspective, we still remain under the ST DTL, which means the daily trend is still down. If we get back above SPX 1345, this week we would end the ST downtrend and the weekly momentum displayed by the CCI should assert itself, meaning a move to about SPX 1390 area (midline of the weekly bollinger bands) should begin. If we fail to take out the SPX 1345 area and encounter a failure, then the downtrend will continue.

If one is stubbornly bearish, the weekly CCI is flashing a big warning to remain flexible.