Monday, March 17, 2008

BSE Sensex (India) LT sell signal

BSE went into a LT sell on March 14, 2008 based on the weekly close, both from a momentum and e-wave perspective. The weekly MACD dipped below zero and now we have a pattern of lower lows on the weekly and a potentially completed e-wave pattern.

The day U.S markets went into a LT sell on my system was 1/16/2008 ( with the break of 1370, which i published on this blog), BSE was trading at 19,868 then. Today it's under 15000. The LT sell on the U.S markets was a great cue for those long the BSE to exit. March 14 weekly close broke the LT uptrend on BSE. I was out of town over the weekend and could not post the LT sell over the weekend.

This sell signal promises an IT objective of about 12500 (wave A decline) and then a bear market bounce in wave B and then a final flush in wave C below 10000. Once the wave B rally completes, i should be able arrive at more refined projections for wave C.

Now that we are in a bear market as opposed to a IT bear trend, this should lead to softening economic conditions going forward. Also, as long as the LT buy was alive, one could sit on drawdowns and hope for the LT trend to bail them out of the drawdown situations. One could also average down on IT term declines. Now that the LT is on a sell, drawdowns can lead to further drawdowns and averaging down can be a potentially losing strategy. Also now all signals will have to be intrepreted in the context of a bear market.