Sunday, July 15, 2007

LT market thoughts - Update 1

Back in 2007, i wrote about my LT market thoughts on this blog. What more appropriate time to review it, given that we made all time highs on SPX today.

I wrote then...

We should begin a persistant market advance from 2007 in a wave C upmove. Wave C should take us to about SPX 1620 (if wave A = wave C) or about SPX 1860 (if wave C = 1.618 * wave A), before this BULL market tops out, most likely by late 2008 to early 2009. By then, most of the bearish caucus will have worn out/capitulated leading the way for a primary degree wave C decline.

My projection for S&P was 1620 by 2009. The wall of worry at that time for the market to climb, was pretty high, based on the usual factors - perceived deteriorating fundamentals, P/E ratio, declining housing market, Derivative implosion, Credit implosion etc. My forecast at that time would have probably brought out a chuckle to many. Once we broke above SPX 1388 on the weekly charts, it was clear that the market had begun a major advance out of the wave B sideways flag from 2004-2006. SPX cash 1388 was the wave B channel top, at the time we broke out above it. That signalled that we were in a intermediate term wave C. I was right on the price, but wrong on the timeframe. I was expecting this wave C to conclude somewhere in 2009 reaching it's projection of SPX 1620. Why do i keep talking about 2009 ? It's based on the time requirements for the primary degree wave B. If primary degree wave C were to make proper divergences on the monthly charts in the future, wave B should consume at least more than twice the amount of time consumed by wave A.

Based on how fast this wave structure unfolded towards it target, it now appears that SPX will reach 1620 by Oct-Nov 2007. This is very bullish long term. This only means that the targets were acheived ahead of time, and hence higher targets are now projected for 2009-2010 timeframe. So the only conclusion as a wave analyst at this time would be, we are close to concluding the Phase I of the bull market from 2003 (intermediate degree A-B-C rally), which should ideally happen around Oct-Nov 2007.

What follows an A-B-C is an X-wave. X-waves are rogue waves. They come out of the blue without any appropriate technical warnings. They also happen to appear when the tecnicals look the most bullish. They don't surface up on any divergent/weakening technicals. If i were to speculate, event risk would start growing after Nov 2007, based on the wave structure. Another hedge fund debacle, subprime lending crises, yen carry trade - Heck who knows ?. Once this wave X ends somewhere in 2008, another large persistent advance into 2009-2010 should take the market to another bull market high. How high ? I don't have any projections at this point, as that would enter the realm of crystalballing or astrology. Until we know how deep the wave X will turn out to be, it's impossible to make any meaningful projections. Ideally wave X should bottom around the SPX 1320 area and in no case below the 2006 4-year cycle bottom at SPX 1219. If the wave X happens to be based on an event, i am positive that Mr Bernanke would open the floodgates of liquidity again. The man who proclaimed that deflation is impossible in a fiat regime, will most certainly not allow it to happen without fighting it tooth and nail !. That should create a hyperinflationary advance into 2009-2010 where both the commodities and the stock market should go nuts, setting the stage for a deflationary collapse into 2016 (a.k.a Primary degree wave C).

I wrote then...

Bull markets do not begin when the economy is in a state of utopia. It needs that constant wall of worry, to keep the majority from participating. I think the housing market decline over the next few years from the mania top of 2005 will provide fresh fodder for the bears to worry and the wall of worry for the bull market to climb. In my opinion, the housing and the deteriorating economic fundamentals going forward will be the hook which will keep the majority from participating in the bull market going forward.

Which is precisely what's been happening. What have we been hearing and reading over the last 9 months ? - Housing, subrpime, blow-up, recession......

I wrote then....

Now will the bears concede defeat if DOW makes ATH ? Bookmark this - DOW ATH will only make the bears more bearish. If DOW ATH were to occur, then the argument will shift to the massive inter-market divergences between the DOW, S&P and the Nasdaq. So the bears will start arguing that Nasdaq and S&P made their secular tops in 2000, but DOW is making it's secular top in 2006. In other words, the bearish sentiment will rise to all time highs, with the all time highs in DOW. Bottomline is as the market advances from here, the sentiment which is already extremely bearish will only start getting even worse. Bears have been arguing that Fed has painted itself into a corner. In reality, it's the bears who have painted themselves into a corner here, if the DOW were to make ATH. They can neither remain bearish nor can they turn bullish. The real capitulation would only come later with ATHs in SPX.

What does the sentiment look like right now ? We made all time highs on the SPX, but hardly any excitement out there. The bear caucus haven't changed a bit. They still keep talking about the sectoral fundamentals such as housing, sub-prime,etc and DOW:GOLD ratio charts or SPX:EURO ratio charts. The most comical and ethically disturbing way of fooling their subscriber base by some permabear gurus, by showing the DOW:GOLD ratio charts continues. Now did these permabear gurus project a DOW:GOLD long term top in 2000 or the price top ? During the 2002 bottom, they were unequivocally talking about DOW 4000 and DOW 400. Yes, they were talking absolute price then. Now the the absolute price projections don't mean anything. It's the ratio stupid ! Wish my grocery bills were ratio adjusted, my home mortage ratio adjusted, my vacation bills ratio adjusted. Talk about vindication.....Oh well ! Well, hate me for saying it like it is. Anyway, i said the real capitualtion would come only after the ATH in SPX. Boy, was i wrong. The LT sentiment only keeps getting worse, while the ST sentiment keeps vacillating.

Now just imagine what would happen to the sentiment, if we see a 200 point decline in SPX ! - That's it...that's the fuel we would need for the next leg of the bull market !