Friday, January 08, 2010

Weekly signals - Jan 8, 2009

Buy 12/24/2009
Long USO 38.20 stop 35.22

Oil remains on a buy signal. USO hit it's weekly BB bands which is usually a good spot to take profits. If this market is in a trending mode, we should see the bollinger bands flare up next week.

Countertrend buy

Dollar marginally missed a sell signal this week. It remains on a countertrend buy.

Buy 1/8/2010
GLD 111.37 stop 105.30

Last week, i was looking for a buy on gold and we got a confirmation this week.

10 year yields on a buy signal since 11/30
No change from last week

Disclaimer: All signals are experimental and for entertainment purposes only.

SPX remains in a daily and weekly uptrend. We are heading towards the SPX 1165 target with ever decreasing volatiltity. Before excpecting any meaningful correction, we should see the volatility pick-up. Until then all short attempts will be futile. No need to overanalyze here.